About Us

VanGo is a fully owned subsidiary of National Transportation Inc (NTI). NTI provides three types of ground transportation:

Contract Busing. This is where an organization contracts with us for multiple years to provide busing. Some examples of this are hotels, universities, rental car companies, cities or counties, and large companies or organizations.

VanGo Shuttle: This is either Shared Ride or Exclusive. If Shared Ride Shuttle, you will share a ride to and from an airport with some neighbors. There is only one stop besides yours, and since it is guided by our state-of-the-art automation, there will be no zigzagging—and you’ll always know what your estimated arrival time will be.

If using Exclusive Shuttle, you and your party will have the entire shuttle van to yourself. With both shuttle services, we pick you up right from your home or business, and drop you off right at the curb in front of your airline (and vice versa upon your return).

Coronado Livery (Luxury Sedans & SUVs): This is when you want to really treat yourself, to a top of the line luxury sedan or SUV. With this service, your driver will be particularly experienced, professional and knowledgeable.

NTI and VanGo are the brainchilds of Jim and John, our owner-partners. Jim and John have known each other for thirty years, have about 50 years of ground transportation between them, and share a dream of doing ground transportation right.