Jim Gleich employee at VanGo.com

Jim Gleich

Owner-Partner, President & CEO

Meet Jim Gleich, he's here to make sure your entire transportation experience is world-class.

Jim is John’s business partner. He has over thirty years of experience in ground transportation. His last position before NTI and VanGo was as a senior executive at a nationwide transportation provider. He had P&L responsibilities over $120 million in revenues for its most profitable region.

Before that, he was the Senior VP in two different organizations within transportation services. Jim has significant experience in consolidation transactions (Coach USA, Travelways and Veolia), as well as post-transaction integration and operations.

Jim has held officer or director responsibilities in preeminent industry associations and cooperatives. He has close relationships with numerous passenger transportation companies and has a large management following. He lives with his wife in Las Vegas, is an avid golfer, and moonlights as a pretty fair second-string grandchild babysitter.