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Paul Tokuda

Operations Manager - Los Angeles

Meet Paul Tokuda, he is passionate about running our contract bus business.

Paul Tokuda has been in Transportation Operational Management for over 20 years. With a diverse background from both the public and private sectors, Paul has experience in Safety, Fleet Maintenance, Operations, Business Development, Sales, Accounting, and Client Relations and Customer Excellence.

In 1998, Paul joined the Los Angeles Unified School District Police Department as a Communications Center Manager, which oversaw the dispatching of emergency vehicles within the district coverage areas. In 2000, Paul moved over to UPS working as an Operations Supervisor, where he was placed into the on-demand side of the Supply Chain Solutions, working with Independent Contractors. He was promoted within to Operations Manager and managed a container freight station based in Carson, CA.  Through acquisitions and mergers, Paul took a position with Harley Marine Services as a Dispatch/Customer Service Manager in 2006. With this opportunity, Paul worked within the operations of tugs and barges which conducted ship assist and bunker fuel barge delivery in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. In 2016, Paul joined Student Transportation of America, as a Terminal Operations Manager to supervise 270 fixed routes for school busing. Working with LAUSD as a Client, he learned the different operational requirements of the drivers and the facility.  In 2018, Paul worked for Synrgo Inc, a document processing company on behalf of Title Companies, as the Director of Transportation and Logistics. With a network of drivers in California, Paul was leading the department with delivering the recorded documents to various County Courts.  Within that year, Paul worked as a consultant to CPS Inc, an airport crew shuttling company based in Los Angeles. He provided insight into the terminal inspection, driver compliance, operation management, and fleet maintenance. In 2019, Paul was offered the opportunity to join NTI-CA in Los Angeles, as their Operations Manager. With this current role, Paul manages Contract Bus operations in our Los Angeles office, with profit & loss responsibility of it.

Paul is the father of four children, Sandra (21), Justin, (17), Aydyn, (11), and Leann (7), and spends his free time with his family, watching the latest movies, and hanging out at the local parks and beaches.