Why LAXit Isn’t Worth it

The new LAXit (“L.A. Exit”) lot at the Los Angeles International Airport was introduced as a way to help cut down on some of the airport’s rideshare traffic. While it has taken quite a bit of traffic out of the airport, it’s also made getting picked up by popular ride sharing apps more of a hassle.

Just how bad is it? Check out this short video! It’ll break down what you should expect when using LAXit the next time you fly.

1. It’s Inconvenient

It used to be that once you landed at LAX, all you had to do was grab your suitcase from baggage claim, request a ride, and then head to the terminal’s rideshare pickup area to wait for your car. Not anymore.

Now the only place you can get an Uber, Lyft, or taxi is at the designated LAXit lot–which is at a completely separate location from the airline terminals. To get there, you either have to take a shuttle or walk. But between waiting on the bus to pick you up and the frequent stops at each terminal, you’re looking at a good 15–20 minutes just to get to the rideshare lot. 

Or you could always walk. With your luggage. All the way from Terminal 4. That’ll only take you about 25ish minutes (if you packed light). Yeah, not really a great option either.

2. It’s Confusing

When you finally do get to the LAXit lot, it’s usually a congested mess. There are numerous lanes for different rideshare companies, so it takes most people several minutes just to figure out where to go.

Also, using a rideshare app at LAXit is different than the normal process. Instead of requesting a ride and having it confirmed immediately, you get a code to give to the first available driver. Sound easy? Not quite. You still have to wait for everyone else in line ahead of you to get their ride first.

3. It’s Crowded and Expensive

Speaking of lines, the LAXit lot can get pretty packed since it’s the only place to use a rideshare app. With so many people trying to get rides at the same time, the competition is high and so are wait times. Even when the airport traffic is light, the amount of available drivers usually is too. And when the number of drivers is light, you guessed it, surge pricing kicks in.

And because there’s no way to know where each passenger is going until they get in the car, many drivers don’t think the craziness of LAXit is worth it. In fact, rideshare companies have to pay their drivers more for airport trips, which, again, means inflated prices for you.

Whew! If reading about it makes you tired, just imagine how frustrating it is in person. The good news is, you can avoid the rideshare chaos of LAXit and get where you need to be quickly and easily for the same price with VanGo.com.

No more waiting on buses or trekking around the airport. Vango’s driver will pull up to the curb right outside the baggage claim. Or you can upgrade to VanGo’s meet and greet service, and one of our drivers will greet you at your terminal’s baggage claim, holding a sign with your name on it. Your driver will then help you with your luggage and take you straight to the car you requested. 

No confusion. No surge pricing.

So, the next time you fly into LAX, save yourself the headache and book your ride with VanGo.